This little hobby of ours has ladies and gents that are trying to be careful, discreet, and can have ambiguous situations. Safety and discretion is of the utmost importance to both ladies and the gents. It can be difficult for a gentleman to get to know a new lady friend. Every lady also seems to have her own set of “rules” that she lives by for her safety. I do my best to be flexible and pleasant, however, there are certain things a lady can feel very strongly about for her own safety and pleasure. What am I to do, you may ask? In order to make our Introduction go smoothly and be comfortable for both of us, I would like to share a few things with you now.

  1. Never discuss donations.
  2. I do not answer explicit questions or talk about anything that may or may not happen while we are together.  You can find the answer to those questions in my reviews.
  3. I appreciate being with a true gentleman and l always respect and value a guest who asks before he does something.
  4. I do not do sexting.  I do not send nude photos.  Exceptions may be made for my closest friends, but you already know who you are!
  5. I always return a call, text or e-mail within 24 hours, if your schedule allows me to do so. I will never contact you, unless you have so requested.
  6. An unrushed hour is something I always plan for.  What I consider to be an unrushed hour is an hour plus 10-15 minutes. Anytime after that, I may have other plans. Please manage your own time with me and please respect my time as much as I respect yours.
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